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Over the years Delray Credit Counseling has helped thousands of individuals get out of debt. By offering free financial education we have helped thousands more. When dealing with any company, trust is always a factor, especially when it comes to your finances.

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My husband and I have been with Delray for about six months now and they have taken so much stress out of our lives. This company has helped us so much, I can't even begin to thank them enough.
Lakewood, WA

The phone conversation with my sister ended with her saying "Lizzie go to sleep there is nothing you can do about this tonight, you didn't get in to debt over night, your not going to get out of it tonight, your just stressing yourself out." She was right, but speaking to Pete from Delray Credit Counseling was the Next Best Thing. He answered all of my questions with confidence never missing a beat. Thanks Pete! You're a Super-Star! Now I can go to sleep!!! :)
Norristown, PA

I decided that I wanted to be more responsible with my bills. I went on-line to see who could help me and there it was. Delray, I spoke to Rebecca one of the representatives from Delray. Though at first I was very embarrased of my situation. Rebecca made me feel very comfortable and gave me the insight on how I can become a more responsible person with my bills. She KNOWS HER STUFF!! I now see a light at the end of that very long tunnel. THANKS Rebecca.
-Toni K
Chicago, IL

Although DelrayCC could not help us with our specific situation, Rick councelled us and took the time to go through our money flow and give us other options. We called other companies and no one took the time that Rick gave us, even though he knew that we coulldn't do business with him. We really appreciate it because now we know which road to take and even though Delrays program didn't help, Rick did, and we find that just amazing. Thanks Rick!
Brookfield, CT

I just wanted to thank the Delray Credit Counseling staff for the information they provided at the Seminar held on Sept 16th in Coral Springs. I will use this information to not only get out of debt, but to stay out of debt. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.
-O Dean
Coral Spring, FL

I was extremely satisfied with the customer service department within Delraycc. I felt that the only thing that they cared in was helping me with finding answers to my debt and getting it taken care of. I also liked the fact the Pierre didn't mind that asked to speak with him, I liked that I was working with one person rather than 15 different people. All in all this is a great servicce to help get out of debt and they also helped me supress the overwhelming feeling of stress caused from being in debt.
-Jackelyn L
Antelope, CA

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I am a twenty-year old college student who applied for every credit card i could get after highschool and within two years i found myself in about 10,000 dollars in debt. Thanks to Ricardo and Jimmy at Delray credit counseling they have made my life a lot better by consolidating all my debt. They just don't know how much I appreciated this. It was so hard for me to make all my payments but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks Ricardo and Jimmy!!!
-Giniqua Joiner
Rialto, CA

I was browsing debt consolidation companies and the name Delray stood out to me simply because my girls father lives in Delray Beach, so why not, i checked them out. I filled out an app and no more then 6 minutes later Darrel called me and helped me with everything i needed. It was quick, easy and he cut my payments from about $345 a month to $120, and my interest rates from as high as 27% down to 9% on some. Its great, and Im on my way to being debt free!

Delray Credit Counselling has provided me with an excellent resources to mange my continuing medical bills that my insurance doesn't cover. It is assisting me in restoring my credit at the same time giving the satisfaction of pay for treatment recieved from my medical team. Thank you for tailoring a program for me that doesn't overwhelm my budget, and to stay ahead of the game. Respectfully C. Chaarles Gray
-C Chaarles G
Chicago, IL